Medical Jobs Int.

For applicants

Our service and mediation for jobseekers and job candidates is free of charge

For applicants

You are interested in working as a medical specialist, nurse, health care worker, masseur, physician assistant, physiotherapist, etc.

You have acquired your professional qualification in your home country.

You have sufficient to very good knowledge of German.

You are looking for a new challenge on the German job market and want to work in the German health care system.

If this is the case, we are the right contact for you.

Our dedicated team will be happy to support you in achieving your professional goals.

Take advantage of our proven contacts with decision makers in the numerous healthcare institutions nationwide, which include:

– Medical practices

– Hospitals, clinics, MVZs (medical care centers)

– Retirement and nursing homes

– Outpatient care services (home care for the sick and elderly)

You will conclude employment contracts directly with the above-mentioned healthcare facilities, which will pay your social security contributions.

What application documents are required?

We will be happy to advise you individually by telephone!

1. certificates of education and, if applicable, further certificates of qualification

2. certificates of your relevant professional experience

3. curriculum vitae in tabular form

4. proof of your German language skills, e.g. German as a school subject, as a discipline at university, various German courses, e.g. language courses at the Goethe Institute (language level B1/B2)

5. recognition of your degree acquired in your home country

degree in Germany (if available)

6. medical certificate

7. driver’s license



If the documents are not available in German, they must usually also be submitted in a certified translation. If officially certified copies are not specifically requested, you may also submit simple copies of your documents.